Hi, welcome to my website!

I am Debbie Sodergren and I mentor women who are re-defining their purpose in their career and/or personal life. I empower them by introducing them to my Signature System so they can achieve their goals and desires.

If you are open to new ways of thinking in order to help yourself in your process of changing and growing, and want to connect with like-minded women, then you are at the right place!

You know, I know all about that yearning inside of not doing what you really want to do… because you don’t even know what that is, or where to start! and it was draining!

Through the results of my own process, I have put together my Signature System that I am calling The Journey Guidebook and it has changed everything for me and I would love to share this with YOU, so you can experience being empowered, focused and happier which will ultimately lead you to love being able to do what you have been dreaming about!

This system I created, I think of it as an energetic container that I am holding space in…..for you. It has a trajectory of the journey you want to step into. I will walk along side you in your challenges and pains and listen with compassion and then show you ways to assist you in arriving into this new space that you want to step into.

If this is something you have been searching for and this sounds like something you want, then let’s get started! Click on the “Contact me” tab for a FREE 20-30 minute Discovery Session with me to see how I can help you.

The journey for you....starts with you. You have to take that 1st step by reaching out and asking for help. I hope to speak with you soon~

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